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The Power of Language
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World Peace - What Can I Do?


World Peace is a pretty big topic and seems like an overwhelming project at times, but it is "do-able" if you can apply this logic: "World Peace Begins with each of us as individuals!"

In other words, you don't necessarily have to run out and "save the world" all at once - you start with yourself and your daily contacts and routines. FIRST, Have respect for yourself . Then extend this respect to those you come into contact with, starting with family, friends, co-workers, and so on.

"But so and so is a jackass!"

"My neighbor is a butt-head!"

"The driver in front of me is a moron!"

These are all thoughts that cross our minds at one time or another. You can defeat this negative thinking - you can extend the respect you have for yourself to other people who may be behaving in a way which seems intolerable.


Two approaches come to mind:

(1) Treat other people as you would like to be treated! The Golden Rule and ever so simple. Try to find tolerance in your heart - just as you ask others to find tolerance for your behaviour at times.

(2) If plan A doesn't work, try this practical experiment:

Pretend that the person behaving in an annoying way is someone else:

example: the "jackass" throwing trash on your lawn is "really" your daughter;

or your "butt-head" neighbor who is burning trash all day long is "really" your father;

or the "moron" driver in front of you is "actually" your grandmother.

Suddenly, tolerance is a little easier to find. Suddenly, when you apply your knowledge and respect of the person you are "pretending" is the "culprit", your blood pressure drops a little and you start to understand why that person is behaving as they are.The behaviour still needs adjustment, but having a better attitude when confronting the person in question will help you (1) have a more likely chance of resolution; and (2) put you and that person on the road to World Peace.

That is how it works. Simple! But Can You Do It?


Any suggestions?

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