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Non Separatism


I learned of non-separatism from the entertainer, Pearl Bailey. She first contacted me after a fan of hers gave her a painting that I had done. On the back of the painting was a small poem that Pearl found intriguing:

The Butterfly

She loves her freedom

Because she has known

the confinement of the cocoon.

I think Pearl related to that poem, because discrimination and separatism had always been a part of her life. Even while she was entertaining people, at the end of the day she often went to the back of the bus, or entered a hotel by the "servants" door. The SAME people who loved her voice one moment, discriminated against her a few hours later at the hotel or restaurant. Those people were separatists, racists, whatever you want to call them. They were wrong to behave as they did. And they caused a great deal of pain. But Pearl Bailey rose up and defeated them - she became the Ambassador of Love under the Nixon government. No matter how she had once been treated, she respected herself and others, and, eventually, she gained the freedoms that most people in this country take for granted. She was not shackled to discrimination.


A "Non-Separatist" is a person who strives in their daily life to avoid "separating-out" groups of people for any reason. The non-separatist does not accept or condone racial profiling for any reason. The non-separatist attempts to be "inclusive" in forming business groups, conducting business, in forming private groups or recreational groups. A non-separatist does not discriminate in order to gain financially or for any other reason.

HOLY COW! Does this mean that ANYBODY can join your group. You bet it does. So, you form a club in your neighborhood that meets to discuss sewing....do you leave a flyer at the house of the retired single man on the corner? Of course! He may turn out to be the former owner of a chain of sewing schools and although he may end up being the only male in the group, he may have plenty to contribute! How about that girl who wants to join the only rugby team at school? Her gender shouldn't even be a consideration! Of course she can play! Wait a minute - can that gay boy join the Scout Pack? Of course! There is no rational reason to exclude him. He must be allowed to join. And that is where "non-separatism" comes into play.

It is your choice. Non-separatist or not. Not everyone can handle it...you have to ask yourself this question: "What is the motivation behind Separatism?"

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